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Capturing Wildlife, Beauty & Art With My Lens

I strive to make each photograph a piece of art that tells an elaborate story.  I have photographs that have won awards on the state and regional levels, as well as featured in travel magazines.

Wildlife - Years have been spent traveling across the United States, including 5 trips to Alaska, and dozens of trips to northern Minnesota, to photograph various animals and birds.  Through these trips, I have found the best places to maximize the chances of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat.

Portraits - My vivid, imaginative portraits capture your unique essence. I strive to creatively portray each subject in the most memorable, beautiful ways. 

I use professional photography equipment and carry insurance to cover the $20,000+ worth of camera equipment I own.

I carry backup lenses and camera bodies to ensure that everything runs smoothly during your portrait session or photography tour.

I look forward to our photography session or photography tour.  I enjoy interacting with people and being able to help them create beautiful pictures, whether I am the photographer during a portrait session, or I am helping someone on a photography tour.

-Greg H.

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